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you purchased a factory that never opened. you built and then sold the factory within the year. you are entitled to a $100-per-job allowance for jobs you plan to perform on the property. you include the $100 per job in your income. the $100 is deductible, but you must deduct it as a nondeductible loss.

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you buy the home of a relative for $500,000. because the house was usually rented for $4,000, your rental income isn't expected to be much more than that. you don't include the rental income in your income.

your mom and dad bought a home as joint tenants with rights of survivorship. when your parents died within the year, you still can claim the exclusion for inherited property in your income from one or both of your parents. on the basis of your parents joint ownership of the home, you can't claim the exclusion as if it were solely yours.

you can deduct in the year of purchase the interest incurred on up to $1 million of debt used to pay for a primary residence. you also can deduct home mortgage interest in the year of purchase and the mortgage interest on a loan for the purpose of acquiring a primary residence. this is so long as the house isn't rented and isn't your main home.

if youre a college athlete, you must file a tax return based on your athletic income and expenses. there is no salary limitation on how much you can earn while attending college. be sure to itemize your athletic-related expenses; deduct only what the tax laws allow. file your return when you receive your paycheck from college, even if you havent earned enough to pay the tax. or, you may decide to file after you graduate, when you have enough income to pay the tax.


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