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FULL Composite 2018 Activation

We use the Hamiltonian theory developed by Shankar and Murthy to study a quantum Hall system in a tilted magnetic field. With a finite width of the system in the z direction, the parallel component of the magnetic field introduces anisotropy into the effective two-dimensional interactions. The effects of such anisotropy can be effectively captured by the recently proposed generalized pseudopotentials. We find that the off-diagonal components of the pseudopotentials lead to mixing of composite fermions Landau levels, which is a perturbation to the picture of p filled Landau levels in composite-fermion theory. By changing the internal geometry of the composite fermions, such a perturbation can be minimized and one can find the corresponding activation gaps for different tilting angles, and we calculate the associated optimal metric. Our results show that the activation gap is remarkably robust against the in-plane magnetic field in the lowest and first Landau levels.

FULL Composite 2018 Activation

Objectives: To analyze the effect of pulp-capping materials and resin composite light activation on strain and temperature development in the pulp and on the interfacial integrity at the pulpal floor/pulp-capping materials in large molar class II cavities.

This study aims to utilize the extracts of iron sand and activated charcoal of cashew nut shells as the preparation of powder ink (Toner). Samples through several stages, carbonate stage of cashew nut samples at 500̊C for 9 hours using pyrolysis reactor, extraction phase of iron sand sample, grinding stage and sieving 200 mesh, activation charcoal of cashew nut shells using furnace electrical a temperature of 700C for 30 minutes, the next stage of mixing the samples for 5 hours with activated charcoal mass fraction of 40%, 60%, 80%, followed by mixed with polyacrylic acid 10 gram, then dried using a furnace at 150 C for 30 minutes, crushed and sieved to 200 mesh. The results of yield of the received toner grain size of 2.90 μm, 3.21μm, and 4.91μm. Analysis show that the composite of iron sand and active leather levels qualified to be made as a toner

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Optical responses of mechanophore (stress-responsive materials) in fiber reinforced polymer composites under mechanical loads were characterized. A new experimental system was developed to capture in situ mechanophore activation by recording ultraviolet (UV) excited fluorescence during uniaxial load tests. Anthracene-based mechanophore, dimeric 9-Anthracene carboxylic acid (Di-AC) was synthesized and incorporated into an epoxy-based thermoset successfully. This Di-AC embedded epoxy mixture was applied to glass fiber fabric to fabricate mechanophore embedded glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) composites through hand-layup process. Quasistatic and cyclic loads were performed to investigate the effect of different types of loads on mechanophore activation. The results indicated that mechanophore activation occurred at the beginning of the test during the quasistatic loading test and continued linearly before yield. Microcracks were formed in the matrix prior to yield, and UV intensity of the mechanophore exhibited nonlinear response. During fatigue tests, the intensity of fluorescence increased after a certain number of cycles. Microcracks were initiated around the middle stage of the fatigue test, the intensity also showed a nonlinear response. The potential of anthracene-based mechanophore for early damage detection in GFRP under complex loading was observed.


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