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Luke Bennett
Luke Bennett

Watch A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy 2008 -1 EXCLUSIVE

Funny enough, limited edition Panarais (meaning runs of 25) auction off in the high tens of thousands, making them an appreciable asset. Watch makers dump unsuccessful or overproduced models into the grey market to make them disappear in a hurry. Unsuccessful is the nicest descriptive one can assign to this tasteless watch. BTW, there was a massive dump of overproduced and overpriced watches into the grey market after the crash of 2008.In any case, these 44mm plus watches are way too large for most people. I cringe whenever i see wrist shots in watch forums - the majority of owners look like they've strapped a tuna can to their wrist. Might as well wear a clock around your neck. That's class.

Watch A good day to be black and sexy 2008 -1



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