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James Cook
James Cook

Luxonix Purity Vst 64 Bits.rarl VERIFIED

purity is a great synth for the beginner, and i think it is a great synth for the intermediate to advanced composer as well. one thing that i will stress is that purity is an audio plugin. you need to make sure you have the audio output turned on in your daw. it also needs the same amount of ram as you daw does to run. purity uses up to 16 megabytes of ram. this is a lot of ram. you will probably need to turn down the sample rate of your daw.

Luxonix Purity Vst 64 Bits.rarl

the audio is also extremely well compressed, which is one of the reasons why i like this sample pack. it sounds amazing and has a very good range of sound. but really, the best part of this plugin is the modulation section. without this section, purity would not be anything more than a decent pad/drum machine. but with this section, you can literally build anything you want to, and it would sound good.

purity in the box.. what more can i say? its a simple and elegant beauty, and it's the best value synth on the market. i've tried a few of the others, but none have come close to matching the quality of purity's sound or the ease of use. if you are a synthesist, or a musician who likes to dabble in synthesizing, then get this synth now!

if you want to try out a synthesizer before you buy it, purity is a great starting point. you will need some patience to learn the interface, but once you do, you will be able to make some pretty good sounding music with it. it is also very easy to export your patches into any host you own and use with it. it is an easy synth to use, and it is a joy to play. it really makes you want to take your sound to the next level.


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