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[S4E14] It Takes A Village Idiot

Locke awakens in the jungle the next day and constructs a sweat lodge to induce a hallucination, in which Boone tells him to rescue Eko.[23] In order to communicate with the Others to help the captured Jack, Kate and Sawyer (Josh Holloway), he and some of the other survivors travel to the Pearl station, where they rewire the circuits in the monitors to view surveillance from another hatch. They leave the station and discover Eko dead in the jungle.[12] After burying him, Locke notices an inscription on Eko's prayer stick instructing him to go north.[24] After Kate returns, she, Locke, Sayid (Naveen Andrews), and Danielle Rousseau (Mira Furlan) go on a mission to rescue Jack from the Others.[25] When they arrive at the Others' village, the Barracks, Locke finds Henry (whose actual name is Ben and is the leader of the Others). Locke takes Ben hostage and forces him to show him the location of the Others' submarine. Locke then uses some C-4 to blow up a submarine that Jack was going to use to get off of the Island, due to his belief that everyone should stay on it because of destiny. After this, Ben shows him his father, Anthony Cooper, whom they have captured, and tells Locke that he can join the Others if he kills his father.[10] Locke manipulates Sawyer into murdering Cooper for him, then carries the corpse to the Others' camp.[26] He is taken by Ben to see Jacob, but Locke is shown only an empty chair in the filthy cabin. Locke goes into a rage because of Ben's lie, then suddenly objects began to fly around of their own accord. Ben and Locke next visit a pit full of long-deceased Dharma members, where Ben shoots Locke, because Locke threatens his leadership of the Others.[27] Locke is left for dead, but he wakes up days later. Locke contemplates suicide, but his faith is restored upon witnessing an apparition of Walt, who tells Locke that he's got "work to do". He makes his way to where Jack has taken the survivors, and kills Naomi, a woman from the freighter, whom he believes has brought danger to the Island. He asks Jack not to communicate with the nearby freighter, but Jack ignores him and contacts it. Locke goes back to the beach camp, hoping to gain support from some of the other survivors.[28]

[S4E14] It Takes a Village Idiot



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