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Cornelia Southern Charms

Cornelia is a city with a rich history and charm all its own. For centuries, this area located in the foothills in the northeastern part of the state consisted of farmland used by trappers and hunters, but the intersection of two railroads in 1882 changed the landscape and attracted settlers. Back then people wanting to escape the summer temperatures of Atlanta used the railroad to get to this small town, and now it is one of the regular stops along U.S. Heritage Highway 441. Nearby is Wofford Trail, scene of many stagecoach robberies. Another unique claim to fame that the area has is The Big Red Apple, a 5000 pound statue given to the city in 1926 by The Southern Railway Company. With so much history and southern charm, home buyers looking for a serene place to settle down will love the variety of Cornelia real estate that is available. Ranging from quaint two-bedroom bungalows to stunning 4+ bedroom country homes with amazing acreages, there is something for everyone. These beautiful Cornelia homes for sale provide you with the opportunity to make your dreams of homeownership a reality for a great price.

Cornelia Southern Charms

Even though Cornelia is a small city, there is a multitude of activities for residents to enjoy including several museums, fun shops, and restaurants that range from cozy diners to upscale bistros. The Loudermilk Boarding House, Everything Elvis Museum, as well as the beautiful Historic Train Museum containing actual historic artifacts from the railroad days are very popular with locals and visitors alike. If this sounds like the ideal place for your family, take a look at the many Cornelia homes for sale and see which ones strike your fancy. With all of the great things to do, southern charm, friendly neighbors, and the amazing Cornelia real estate available, you will find what you are looking for in no time!

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In December 1903, Mrs. Hollingsworth filed claim on a tract of two hundred and forty acres of government land in Imperial county, in addition to which Mr. Hollingsworth bought forty-five acres of the original townsite. Mr. Hollingsworth also owns eighty acres four miles west of Holtville. This land is practically all under cultivation, his interest in an agricultural way being devoted to dairying and the growing of alfalfa, a particularly abundant and profitable crop in southern California, and he is fast pushing to the front in the ranks of successful agriculturalists in the Valley. Since April 1910, he has been superintendent of the Holtville water system.

EDWIN W. SARGENT. If success be predicted from mark of definite accomplishment and the utilization of individual powers and ability then Edwin W. Sargent certainly has achieved success. Looking into the clear perspective of his career there may be seen the clear definition of courage, persistence, determination and self-confidence, which, as coupled with integrity of purpose, are the factors which conserve and make is consistent. To the larger and surer vision there is no such thing as luck. No man achieves anything worthy until he learns the power of conviction and appreciative thereof, bends his energies to the accomplishment of a definite purpose. To have accomplished so notable a work as has Mr. Sargent in connection with financial and title-guaranty enterprises in California would prove sufficient to give precedence and reputation to any man with this to represent the sum total of his productive efforts. He is frequently mentioned as the "father" of the title business in southern California and for nearly a quarter of a century he has been numbered among the representative citizens and business men of Los Angeles. Not only has his accomplishment in this direction been large and beneficent, but he his also one of the able members of the bar of the state and has been a potent, though unostentatious factor in connection with the civic and material development of the beautiful city, which represents his home and in which he is accorded the most unequivocal confidence and esteem. He has been in the most significant sense the artificer of his own fortunes and thus the distinctive success which he has achieved is the more gratifying and inspiring in an objective sense. He is at the present time vice-president of the Title Guarantee & Trust Company, of which he was the chief promoter and with the upbuilding of which his influence has been most potent, making the same one of the strong institutions of the state. This corporation exercises important functions and, fortified by all that is reliable in executive control and capitalistic reinforcement it holds strong vantage ground. Thus as a man of affairs, as a citizen of liberality and public-spirited views and as a representative member of the bar of the state Mr. Sargent is eminently entitled to recognition in this edition.

Early in the year 1887, Mr. Sargent assisted in the organization of the Los Angeles Abstract Company, which absorbed such minor concerns as could be classed as competitors. Prior to the organization of this company land titles were given without guaranty and the prime object of Mr. Sargent in organizing the new corporation was to make proper provision for the protection of those investing in real estate in southern California. The company exercised as one of its special functions the furnishing of unlimited certificates of title. The new concern gained distinctive popular approval and support and the growth and expansion of the enterprise finally rendered expedient a reorganization of the company, which was effected in the year 1893, under the name of the Title Insurance & Trust Company. Mr. Sargent was one of the principal stockholders and an executive officer, as well as attorney for the corporation, until 1895, when he retired therefrom and effected the organization of the Title Guarantee & Trust Company of Los Angeles, of which he has since been vice-president and legal advisor. In connection with this line of enterprise he has brought to bear his fine initiative and administrative ability and has made a close and careful study of means and methods so that the fine corporation with which he is now identified holds high standing and affords admirable service in its various departments. The company is incorporated with a capital stock of half a million dollars and it is widely recognized as one of the strong and ably managed institutions of its county in the state.

WILLIAM H. WIMP, M. D., since 1910 the only practicing physician and surgeon in Holtville, claims the state of Kentucky as the place of his nativity, but the charm of southern California, particularly of the Imperial Valley, are sufficiently alluring to cause him to forswear his allegiance to the old Kentucky commonwealth and cast in his lot with the newer country.

Laughlin was soon found actively concerned with enterprises that have resulted in inestimable benefit to the metropolis of southern California. Concerning his activities in this respect the following statements appeared in a recently publication entitled "Makers of Los Angeles," and they are well worthy of perpetuation in this article:

From the close of the Revolution is to be dated a long era of peace and prosperity for the inhabitants of the little town of Wilmington. Commerce and industrial pursuits revived, and soon wealth began to reward earnest labor. The society, too, of the Cape Fear was not one of its least charms. Men of culture and intelligence, and many of nomean order of literary merit, soon flocked to the town, and in a little while the place had achieved a reputation for its hospitality and social refinement, that clings to it to this day. The following is a list of Members of the House of Commons, in the General Assembly of the State, from 1774 to 1836 when the Borough representation was abolished by the Convention which assembled in 1835:


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