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Where To Buy Tennis Skirts

With a length of 12.5 inches and built-in ball shorts, the skirt allows you to move well on the court and provides great coverage. The pleat in the front adds some style to the skirt. The Nike Dri-Fit material makes it both comfortable and cool on the court. The ball shorts can easily hold two or more tennis balls for matches or practice.

where to buy tennis skirts


This skirt is still made to perform on the tennis court. The outer layers are silky and lightweight. The design flutters in the breeze. The built-in peach-colored shortie is made of moisture-wicking material to keep you dry during long, hot matches.

Constructed of two thin layers of quick-drying Luxtreme fabric, this tennis skirt has the most features of any I tried. What appears to be a single pocket is actually a dual-entry pocket that can fit a cell phone from the top or a tennis ball from the bottom. The shorts stay in place with the help of elastic dots along the inside edge. The mesh construction gives it a cooling effect for playing tennis outdoors in the heat.

If you play tennis indoors or in cooler environments, then the material will be less of a concern, but you may want a tennis skirt without shorts built in so you can pair it with leggings underneath. Just make sure the leggings have a pocket for the tennis balls.

Will Boucek is the Founder & CEO of Tennis Tribe. With over two decades of experience playing & coaching tennis, Will now works as a doubles strategy analyst for ATP & WTA tour players and coaches. Will helps tennis players at every level play better doubles through smarter strategy. He also has expertise in tennis racquets & gear, testing the latest products from Wilson, Babolat, Head, Prince, and other tennis brands.

Pleated tennis skirts are popular on and off the court. This kind of skirt has folds or pleats stitched at the waist to reduce the fullness of a wider piece of fabric for a unique and distinct style that has more volume.

Flouncy skirts offer a bit of extra flow in the material by taking a wider piece of fabric and incorporating a handful of pleats that pull the material together at the waistline without any structure through to the hem. The result is a subtle wavy effect in the fabric for a simple yet classic style.

For a comfortable and casual look that works well on and off the court, pair your tennis skirt with a vintage sweatshirt. This style is one of our favorites, and many brands like Fila offer retro-style sweatshirts that are perfect for the outfit.

Although top brands like Nike, adidas, Fila, and New Balance are popular choices among women for tennis apparel, there are considerably more options worth checking out when shopping for a tennis skirt.

Clean and stylish, this skirt from Nike is perfect for competitive match play, recreational tennis, or even working out. It comes in several colors, has built-in shorties with a ball pocket for comfort, and uses a breathable athletic material for freedom of movement.

However, beyond style, the skirt offers a range of performance features, including Diamond Fuze, Four-Way Stretch, Pro-Dri, and Ozone, which help it check all the boxes for one of the best skirts on the market.

The BALEAF athletic skirt for women is a popular multi-purpose skirt with thoughtful design and a few extra features ideal for tennis and a wide range of other sports, including golf, running, and the gym.

For comfort and a secure fit, this skirt offers built-in shorts and an internal drawstring. Plus, it provides a built-in pocket, perfect for carrying a tennis ball, your keys, credit card, and ID, and even a cell phone.

Its materials are comfortable polyester and spandex, which are the go-to for most athletic skirts. Toumett has included built-in shorts with pockets on either side that are perfect for stashing tennis balls.

Tennis skirts are true styling powerhouses and a wardrobe essential. You can pair one with anything from a sports bra for the perfect workout outfit, a polo shirt for a casual lunch ensemble, or a sweater and wedges for a chic dinner look.

Female tennis players need to wear apparel that allows them to sprint, serve, pivot, lunge, and more. Tennis skirts are made from highly stretchy fabrics that keep players comfortable and improve their mobility and performance. Additionally, the materials are also moisture-wicking to keep their bodies dry during hours-long tennis games. And lastly, tennis skirts are very feminine and a great fashion statement.

Thanks to its lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric, this Ralph Lauren skort with a cool geometric details is suitable for any high-performance activity on the summer itinerary, from running and hiking to tennis and golf.

The appeal of tennis skirts on campus might also be tied to productivity. Harden said she feels most productive when she has on a nicer outfit, and tennis skirts combine both functionality and stylishness.

Some, such as Harden and Ros, only occasionally sport the skirts. Though non-participants have a variety of reasons, Harden mentioned that the trend has some accessibility issues in terms of price and size exclusivity.

Harden said she thinks the next skirt trend will be more inclusive in terms of body types. Both Harden and Ros agree the tennis skirt trend will wane in popularity over the next few months, but Harden said she believes it could resurface again in a few years.

A good tennis skirt is lightweight and breathable. It should be easy to move in. Pleated tennis skirts are very popular because of their moveability. Many are made with stretchy fabric to increase their moveability. Most tennis skirts are made with elastic elastic waistbands. Some of them have a small zipper on the side. They are commonly worn on the tennis court or simply for fashion. They are so comfortable and stylish, many women use them for different purposes. Tennis skirts are perfect for any type of exercise and activity. They work perfectly to wear for a run and to go out to lunch with friends.

Tennis skirts and golf skirts happen to be very similar. They are usually on the shorter side and made with airy, comfortable fabric. They are made for physical activity and meant to keep an active person comfortable. But they happen to have a few major differences despite all those similarities. Tennis skirts provide more freedom to move. That is because there is a lot more movement involved in tennis. Golf skirts are a lot less flexible. Golfers do not have to do any wide movements on the field. That is why golf skirts are most often straight and tennis skirts are known for their pleated styles.

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-Stretch elastic waistband for a stylish and secure fit -Zipped pocket for secure storage of your belongings -Pleated fabric provides good mobility without compromising on protection -Ball compression shorts ensure your protection while providing convenient storage for your balls -The best choice for all sports and leisure activities, like tennis, golf, volleyball, jogging and outdoor training The CRZ YOGA Women's Tennis Skirt features a winning combination of sweat-wicking fabric and a close fit to help you stay cool, comfortable and confident during your game.

This adorable buttercup yellow skort is super lightweight, with whimsical, subtle pleats and three pockets, including compartments specifically to hold onto tennis balls as you wind up for that serve.

Is this a subtle way for us all to honor Wimbledon, since the tennis tournament has been canceled this year? Or perhaps it's a nod to the '90s school girl moment that Cher Horowitz would approve of. Either way, Cardi B and her daughter Kulture are fans, having matched in Burberry's checked iteration. Since then, I feel as though I spot a tennis skirt on every feed I land on. Styled with sports bras, logo socks and chunky sneakers, oversize hoodies, and even cowboy boots, these are a straight-up replacement for sweatpants now that the weather's warm.

This Baleaf tennis skirt comes in a versatile, feminine style, perfect for tennis players or casual gym wear. Flattering with its layered ruffles, this skirt also has a high-rise waist and built-in shorts and even comes in a bunch of different colors.

Need a pair of stylish women's tennis shoes to go along with that fabulous tennis outfit? At Pete Carlson's Golf & Tennis, shop from a great selection of comfortable tennis shoes that will support your feet and have you looking great, on and off the court.

If you're like us and get a ton of shopping inspo from TikTok, we've got a summer sale that you definitely don't want to miss. Women's clothing and activewear brand, Halara is having a huge summer sale where you can save up to 80% off best-selling skirts, shorts, dresses, leggings and more. They're even running a buy one, get one free promo deal where you can stock up on cute biker shorts, sports bras, hoodies, butt-lifting leggings and more. If you want to score a great deal on summer wardrobe staples, you should definitely check out Halara's summer sale ASAP. 041b061a72


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