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Buy Bulova Watch

So, are Bulova watches any good? A lot of watch collectors seem to think so! The Bulova brand may not be exactly high end, but it offers some good quality watches within their ranges. Their price range tends to be somewhere around $100 to $600, so there is something for those with a budget and those who are treating themselves.

buy bulova watch

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In terms of the quality of Bulova watches, a lot of watch enthusiasts put the brand above brands such as Timex and Fossil, as well as other low-end Japanese watches. However, other watch collectors disagree with Bulova watches being high quality and see them as average at best, however it depends on the watch that you are directly comparing it to.

Most watch collectors that own a Bulova watch themselves tend to agree that the brand have made some very good watches over the years. Namely, the Accutron line which have many Gemini models that use the ETA 2892-A2 movement.

However, there are watch enthusiasts who think that the movements need some improvement. The ETA 2824 movements are very common for the lower end Swiss watches. Some even think that the move to have a new series that feature a Japanese Miyota automatic movement only jeopardises the brand, rather than strengthens.

As you can see, the community is very torn on whether Bulova is of high quality or not, but one thing that cannot be disagreed with is that they are good watches. While the steel that is used by Bulova is very common, the steel is of good quality.

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I am highly dissapointed in my bulova watch. I bought it almost 3 years ago. The gold circles and numbers fell off the face of the watch. I did wear it everyday and received a lot of compliments on it..

Hey Hamid, the 96A170 should have a power reserve that lasts for at least 2 days. You may want to contact the shop you bought it from and ask about their warranty policy, perhaps they can replace the watch for you.

Most automatics will require a FULL wind in order to have their power reserve working optimally. Assuming your Bulova can be hand wound, you should give it about 40 winds at the crown in the morning, then wear all day as usual. That should be more than enough to have it still running the following morning. After a few days more, it should be sufficiently wound where it can sit at least 24 hours. Obviously you will need a power reserve of 48+ hours for the watch to remain running from Friday night until Monday morning, if you plan to leave it off all weekend.

I broke the crystal on my Bulova watch and took it into my watch shop. I was informed that Bulova has to do the repair. Now I am waiting months for my watch.You would think that since they require the repair to be done with them, they could at least do it in a timely manner.

I just got the amazing 96A155 accutron ii alpha. I find it very unique, and i love its simplicity and semi skeletonized dial. I also have the curved 98A155 chronometer. Both have very fine quality details and i think they are both excellent watches for the price, both have special features that really draw attention. The price is so low for such a nice and special watch that i could never say they are not a good buy.

Bought two Bulova when I visit the US two weeks ago. A special edition Latin Grammy automatic wristwatch for my dad and another automatic for me. 500 and 600 usd each. Both are nice looking watches, automatic, sapphire glass and mine has 21 jewels. Love them. They look nicer than a Raketa i got from Moscow last year for a grand USD.

When I got the watch back, not only did they not return the original packaging as requested but the inner glass has dust particles in it and the needles of the stopwatch were no longer aligned to zero.

Bulova offers both high and average quality watches. I bought one for daily usage for $250, and it was okay. And I bought another one for special occasions and I was impressed by its quality. It was the best in the new collection that costs me $1850. It is made of titanium with matt finish and 8 pieces of diamonds. However, the price is always fair for both the high and the average quality.

For about ten years I have used a Bulova Millennium alarm watch. Now the alarm is not setting. The watch still works great. I took it to a repair. He said I would have to send it to Bulova. I called Bulova and was told not to send it because they no longer service them and have no parts. I cannot find anyone to work on it. I am now wearing a Bulova 23j. made in 1959 (great watch). Does anyone know where I can send my watch for repair?

Hi, I own 3 Bulova watches. 2 are Precisionist sweep second hand movements but the latest watch I bought through Amazon global store (98C128) ticks. Can you tell me if Bulova make a watch that ticks or have I been scammed?

I have had my Bulova watch for several years, I wear it everyday and the only thing I have ever had to replace is the battery. My watch has been round the world with me on my travels. I quite frankly the best watch I have ever had.

When I reported this , I was told it was my fault because I was the one who made the watch faulty.After a bit of back and forth, we agreed to get the watch repaired at a lower price, even as the watch was in warranty.

Bulova is one of the longest-established global watch brands, beginning with a flagship store in Manhattan which opened in 1875. The legacy of Bulova revolves around the classic art of quality automatic timekeeping fused with a loving embrace of the future. The brand is recognised internationally for its use of only the highest quality materials, with collections at a choice of price points and a variety of innovative styles.Read more

From stylish dress watches to the ultimate in precision timepieces, the Bulova brand has been exceeding expectations for nearly a century and a half. The men's collection ranges from elegant yet ultimately masculine choices for evening wear to dazzling, funky casual wrist accessories. The ladies' collection collection features dreamy mother of pearl faces and jewelled detailing, offering a lifetime of style and sophistication.

Bulova is an American timepiece manufacturing company that was founded in 1875 and has been owned by Japanese multinational conglomerate Citizen Watch Co. since 2008. The company makes watches, clocks and accessories, and it is based in New York City.[2]

In 1912, Joseph Bulova launched his first plant dedicated entirely to the production of watches. Manufacturing watches at their factory in Biel, Switzerland, he began a standardized mass production new to watchmaking. In 1919, Bulova offered the first complete range of watches for women and men in 1924. The visual style of his first popular advertising made its watches popular with the American public. But beyond the original style, precision and technological research also became imperative for Bulova. In 1927, he set up an observatory on the roof of a skyscraper located at 580 5th Avenue to determine universal time precisely.

Bulova established its operations in Woodside, New York, and Flushing, New York, where it made innovations in watchmaking, and developed a number of watchmaking tools.[4] Its horological innovations included the Accutron watch, which used a resonating tuning fork as a means of regulating the time-keeping function.

Bulova's "Accutron" watches, first sold in October 1960,[10] use a 360 Hz tuning fork instead of a balance wheel as the timekeeping element.[11] The inventor, Max Hetzel, was born in Basel, Switzerland, and joined the Bulova Watch Company in 1950.[11] The tuning fork was powered by a one-transistor electronic oscillator circuit, so the Accutron qualifies as the second "electronic watch", following the Hamilton Electric released in 1957. Instead of the ticking sound made by mechanical watches, the Accutron had a faint, high-pitched hum which came from the vibrating tuning fork. A forerunner of modern quartz watches which also keep time with a vibrating resonator, the Accutron was guaranteed to be accurate to one minute per month, or two seconds per day, considerably better than mechanical watches of the time.[11]

In the 1960s, the company was involved in a rivalry with Omega Watches to be selected as the 'first watch on the Moon'. In 1971, a Bulova chronograph was carried on board Apollo 15, the fourth mission to land men on the Moon, by mission commander David Scott. All twelve men who walked on the Moon wore standard Omega Speedmaster watches that had been officially issued by NASA. Those watches are deemed to be government property. Transcripts from the Apollo 15 Lunar Surface Journal attest to the fact that during Scott's second excursion on the Moon's surface, the crystal on his Omega watch had popped off.[12] So, during his third lunar walk, he used his backup Bulova watch. The Bulova Chronograph Model #88510/01 is the only privately owned watch to have been worn on the lunar surface. There are images of Scott wearing the watch, when he saluted the American flag on the Moon, with the Hadley Delta expanse in the background. The watch shows "significant wear from exposure while on the Moon, and from splashdown and recovery." In 2015, the watch sold for $1.625 million at RR Auction in Boston, which makes it the one of the most expensive astronaut-owned artifacts ever sold at auction and the one of the most expensive watches sold at auction.[13] The watch is also a unique timepiece as it seems to have been a prototype, only revealed by Scott to Bulova's fans in 2014.[14] Therefore, the company released an homage edition of the lunar watch in early 2016, using a modern high frequency quartz movement for the watch that took more than 40 years to make its way into production line.[15]

During the quartz crisis, Bulova followed the lead of other watchmakers creating electronic quartz watches by introducing the Computron watch in 1976. The Computron was Bulova's first watch with a LED display and first digital watch. It featured a distinctive trapezoidal steel case profile, with the display located on the side of the case rather than the main face. It was marketed as a beneficial design for drivers so that they could view the watch without needing to roll their wrists or release the steering wheel, but this was mitigated by the need to press a button on the side of the case to wake the display. In later versions, repeatedly pressing the button cycled the display to the seconds, date, day, and a second timezone. The success of the Computron was a significant factor in keeping Bulova financially viable through the next several years.[16][17] 041b061a72


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